Saturday, 21 December 2013

Lures for Barramundi , and some for Murray Cod

Almost the end of another year , and these were posted this week.
Barramundi lures for Northern Territory , Murray Cod lures for Victoria.
"Slims" and "SL" lures are heading to The Tacklebox NT.

'Slim Beauties' 115.S.3H

'Mugil' 125.S. 2H and 3H.

"SL" 125.S.3H

Lures for Murray Cod fishing.
"Cod Cannibal" 100.D [top 3 lures] 
"Arc Diver" 100.D [next 2 lures]
  "McPerch" 100.D [at bottom].

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Anonymous said...

These look bloody great Barney